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Whole Steer Deposit - $3.99 / lb. hanging weight


Whole Steer Deposit - $3.99 / lb. hanging weight


Pricing includes processing and delivery at one of our scheduled meetup times / locations.  

If you have a lot of space or lots of people to share with, our whole steer is our most cost-effective option.  Our butcher will also cut your beef to your exact specifications.  

Here's how ordering by hanging weight works:

  1. Place your order here by adding this item to your cart.  When you  finalize your order, you will have made a down payment to reserve your beef.
  2. We will contact you via email to confirm your order and determine which cuts you want (about a dozen questions total).
  3. In the week before delivery, we will contact you with the remaining balance and email you an invoice.
  4. Your invoice balance is due at delivery. 

For planning purposes, since our steers hang at around 450 pounds, you can expect that a whole steer will cost approximately $1795 total (450 pounds x $3.95 = $1795).

The finished cuts you end up with varies depending on what you order, but here is an estimate of what finished cuts you could receive: 

  • 150 pounds of ground beef
  • 60 pounds of roasts
  • 60 pounds of steak
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First time ordering beef by hanging weight?  

While a steer's hanging weight may be 600 lbs., you won't actually get that much Finished product at delivery.  To explain:

  • Hanging Weight is the weight of an animal as it hangs on the rail at the meat locker after hide, head and hooves, etc. have been removed. Depending on the breed and animal, hanging weight is commonly around 60% of live weight.
  • Cut or Retail Weight, also called "Take-Home" or "Finished" weight, is the weight of the actual meat that you will receive after excess fat and bone are removed. Depending on the breed and animal, cut weight is commonly around 60% of hanging weight for beef.

Farmers prefer to sell at hanging weight because the retail cuts a customer chooses can cause variation in the Finished weight; therefore, charging by hanging weight is fairer and simpler for the farmer.