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Chetek, WI 54728
United States

715 642 0524

About Our Farm

Thank you for visiting the online home of Kowalski Farm!

We are a small family farm near Chetek, Wisconsin, offering Natural, Grass-Fed beef to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

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This farm has been in our family for over 30 years, and was converted from dairy to beef in 2003.  We have about 30 cattle, with cows and calves

Our cattle are pasture-raised, with plenty of room to roam, and are fed grass and hay. Our animals receive no hormones or routine antibiotics. If an animal needs to receive antibiotics because of an illness or injury, the animal is treated, and then removed from our retail program. We follow the Wisconsin Grass Fed Cooperative guidelines.

We are a cow-calf operation.  This means that after a calf is born, it remains with its mother until about to six months old.  This provides the best possible start for them, as it feeds naturally on its mother’s milk and forages with the herd. Our calves are all born in spring and summer.  At weaning time in the fall, all calves are kept together, vaccinated, then released into their own pasture as a group to continue to forage and grow.

We manage our pastures using a concept called Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing.  This means that, during the warmer months, we regularly rotate the cattle between paddocks in the pasture, allowing the cattle constantly graze on fresh grass while the empty paddocks recover.  This system is healthier for the animals, less impactful on the environment, and less labor-intensive than feeding baled grass in a confined pasture.  When the growing season is over, we keep our animals on pasture, but we supplement their diets with baled hay and baled peas & barley so they always have plenty to eat.

Our farm is also certified in, and has adopted the practices of, the Wisconsin Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program.

We believe that these practices result in tastier, healthier beef products – in fact, samples of our beef has been tested by the University of Wisconsin for fat content, and our samples were between 88% and 92% lean.

Our customers frequently tell us how they enjoy the taste and health benefits of lean, healthy beef – so much so, in fact, that they find it difficult to eat supermarket beef products after becoming accustomed to ours.  We, being our own best customers, cannot help but agree.