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Chetek, WI 54728
United States

715 642 0524

Full Price List

Bulk and Custom Orders

Whole Steer by Hanging Weight:  $3.00/pound

Half Steer by Hanging Weight:  $3.25/pound

Quarter Steer by Hanging Weight:  $3.50/pound

A La Carte

Ground Beef Patties: $5.50/pound

Ground Beef:  $5.00/pound

Ring Bologna:  $6.75/pound

Cheesy Hot Dogs:  $6.50/lb.

Roasts:  $4.50/pound

Snack Sticks:  $7.00/pound

Steaks:  $8.00/pound

Soup Bones:  $2.00/pound

Beef Short Ribs:  $2.00/pound

Ground Beef Packages

Large Ground Beef Package (30 pounds):  $130

Small Ground Beef Package (10 pounds):  $45

Mixed Packages

Variety Pack:  $125

10 lbs. Ground beef (one-lb. packages)

10 lbs. of Roasts (random selection of Tip, Rump, and Chuck)

5 lbs. of Steaks (random selection of Sirloins, T-Bones, and Ribeyes)

Sampler:  $65

6 lbs. Ground beef (one-lb. packages)

2 lbs. of Roast (random selection from Tip, Rump, and Chuck)

2 lbs. of Steaks (random selection from Sirloins, T-Bones, and Ribeyes)

Occasionally available; contact us for details if interested:

Tenderloins:   $12.99/pound

New York Strip:  $8.00/pound

Flank or Skirt Steak:  $4.00/pound

Oxtail:  $2.00/pound

Sweetmeats:  $2.00/pound

Liver: $2.00/pound

Beef fat:  $2.00/pound

Homemade Beef Stock:  $5.00/12 oz.

All product sales are subject to stock and animal availability