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Chetek, WI 54728
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715 642 0524

Cut Orders

Thanks again for your bulk beef order from Kowalski Farm!  One of the great things about ordering beef in bulk from the farmer, is choosing the exact cuts and packaging you would like for your product.  The purpose of this form is for you to tell us your preferences.   

Please do not hesitate to call at 715-642-0524 or contact us if you have any questions!  

Name *
Would you like your order divided up or packaged in any particular way? For example, if an order is being shared between several people, I can box it up however you'd like.
How thick would you like your steaks to be cut?
What size roasts do you prefer?
How many steaks would you like frozen into each package?
Would you like your ground beef in 1-pound or 2-pound packages? (Most people do 1 lb., but families of 5 or more tend to get 2 lb. packages)
As you likely know, the T-Bone steak is made up of the New York Strip and the Tenderloin. Some people opt to have New York Strips and Tenderloins instead of T-Bone steaks. Which would you like: T-Bone steaks, or New York Strips and Tenderloins?
Each order will have some portions of round steak. Would you like the round steak as-is, cubed, or ground up with the hamburger?
Would you like Soup Bones included with your order? (Soup bones are great for making beef stock.)
Would you like Short Ribs included with your order?
Would you like Liver included with your order?
Would you like the Heart included in your order?
Would you like the beef tongue included in your order?
Would you like fat included in your order?
Please add any other requests or instructions.